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The European ceramic industry emits 19 million tons of CO2 annually, accounting for about 1% of total industrial emissions regulated by the EU Emissions Trading System (ETS). The thermal process used in this sector significantly contributes to greenhouse gas emissions.

eLITHE aims to revolutionise the ceramic industry by harnessing renewable electricity to power the thermal processes. The project will facilitate the decarbonisation of the ceramic sector, supporting the EU’s target of achieving climate neutrality by 2050.

eLITHE objectives are:

  • Replacing fossil-based systems with high-temperature electric heating processes.
  • Developing digital tools for optimising and scaling electric heating technologies in industries.
  • Creating innovative materials compatible with electric heating.
  • Supporting green job creation and enhancing European industries’ competitiveness.

As most emissions in the ceramic sector are heat-related, complete decarbonisation can be achieved through electrification.
The project will develop innovative solutions in three demosites, such as microwave-assisted heating in Mytilineos (Greece), novel flexible hybrid H2 burners in IZF (Germany) and electric technologies in Torrecid (Spain).