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100% Renewable Energies for Energy Intensive Industries

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RE4Industry will set up and empower a comprehensive network of stakeholders and market actors who will identify feasible RE technologies and their market barriers and will interact with industry representatives to gather their needs, expectations, drivers and barriers towards the implementation of these technologies. Such an approach will be accomplished through a strong engagement strategy and the creation of RE4Industry Collaborative Network, who will receive from the project partners knowledge transfer material such as success cases, best practices, policy recommendations and technological roadmaps for promoting RE adoption.

In parallel to the networking activities, RE4Industry will develop a baseline methodology for the design of Action Plans for decarbonisation in EIIs that will be developed and validated together with 3 representative industrial use cases from the steel, aluminium and chemical sectors. RE4Industry solid replication strategy will enable the roll out of this methodology in at least 8 additional use cases of different sectors within the project lifespan and the initiation of cross-border knowledge transfer activities to a total of 12 EU countries.