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Publications 02 February 2024

EERA Flagship report on Energy Demand Reduction (2023)

As Europe powers through the energy transition, climate mitigation and Strategic Autonomy objectives, the report argues that a strong strategy for long-term demand reduction, encompassing all energy-consuming sectors (not only households), is critical. 

Despite the clear prevalence of demand reduction as a key tool in transforming our energy systems and the economy as a whole, limited research and policy-orientated approaches exist on this topic, as focus has predominantly centred on the technological, supply-side solutions to furthering the CET. 

This report provides a reliable analysis of the state of play of the collective knowledge base on energy demand reduction (IEA, IPCC, etc.) through the lenses of scientists from across Europe, and concludes that the most effective methods to reduce energy demand fuse a combination of three key demand reduction strategies, namely behavioural change, energy efficiency, and energy sufficiency.